Fit Kids Face OFF

Fit Kids Face Off is an idea that arose because we wanted to give kids their own moment to shine. CrossFit is about community and there are many kids who practice in the sport and who dedicate themselves to being athletes

The Bacon Beatdown

What a great start to the weekend! Today we had a beginner male team, a beginner female, and our SOCF kids go out there and give it their all. The dedication of all of these individuals shined through today and we are proud of their hard work!

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Second Year Anniversary

This is who we are, not just a team but family. Each of us is a small piece to the puzzle of what makes SOCF CrossFit. The puzzle pieces grow with experiences and adapt to SOCF and all it offers. Community is about a group of people and the group of people who help operate this place is what makes it different than the rest. Here is to family.

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Beauty and the Beast 2019

Huge shoutout to these ladies for crushing it today @t_vrgs @hocandevents @beautyisabeast_2019 competition. You ladies went out there and pulled in 6th over 40+ teams. We are proud of how you ladies represented the Orlando team @socf_crossfit !!! Keep crushing it and huge shoutout to @321_apparel for always looking out!

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Wod For Venezuela

During the last 20 years I have seen how Venezuela has deteriorated with many families leaving the country to escape the economic hardship. I have seen news that breaks my heart, where children die daily of treatable medical conditions and malnutrition. But now, this is the moment, when each of us, who are in different corners of the crossfit world can make a difference. I would like to ask my family and friends, who want to express their love to help me raise donations for the desperate people of Venezuela by supporting the event Wod For Venezuela.

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Wod Wars FL

What a great day @wodwarsfl !!! All of our teams went out there today and gave it their all. This competition was truly a blessing, all of the teams communicated with each other and pushed past their limits out on the floor. It is important that in this community we develop mindsets that are transferable into other aspects of life and I believe we have done that. Everyone came together as one and pushed the teams forward and we couldn’t be happier with how the day ended. Only you can hold yourself back!

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